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Campaign contributions galore! Lobbyists for Coca-Cola and Kraft dishing out millions to keep food from having a warning label about the PESTICIDE contaminants - better known as GMO!
Hillary wants Monsanto money for her campaign - will say ANYTHING for it, like calling GMO "drought resistant" to trick the masses
Gross Domestic Product and Economic Growth collapsing - US Bureau publishes recant of former stats and "lies" - could the bans of US' GMO food Worldwide be culprit?
All GMO hydrogenated oils cause cancer, but FDA and canola want you thinking "close by choice." - Dow looks to trick MORE consumers worldwide
New Sanofi-Aventis GMO Insulin Shown To Cause Type 1 Diabetes, Double All-Cause Mortality Rate
US begs Europe to "accept" our GMO toxic cancer-causing food, so we can pay our superbug and superweed Biotech bills (and the big bank bailouts on the way)
Organic Food Sales Continue Double-Digit Yearly Growth; GMO Aversion Become The Driving Force For Consumer Switch
Plant in Philippines eats metal! Could this be a cure for GMO and heavy metal toxin diseases in America? How does a plant absorb up to 18,000 ppm metal in its leaves and roots and still thrive?
What do GMO and "Three Mile Island" have in common? Ask the EPA - from "benign beginnings" to malignant endings
Damning 2013 GMO/Glyphosate Rat Cancer Study Retracted By Corrupt Scientists That Showed MASSIVE Tumors Being Republished By Courageous ESEU Journal
Grassroots activists beat Biotech by "getting louder!" - Money funneled through trade groups like GMA and Connecticut Farm Bureau wasn't enough for sneaky food lobby
Vitamin A-Enhanced, GMO Bananas Coming In The Near Future Thanks To Bill Gates; Six Week Human Consumption Trials Coming Soon
Sub-chronic toxicological effects of GM cereals in mammals and humans - study reveals new insecticides with mutagenic effects!
Traces of unapproved Frankencorn show up in shipments going from US to China - total US exports of cancer-causing corn drop 1.5 million tons in one year!
Monsanto visiting schools to spread propaganda and brainwash children about how pesticide food is healthy and organic food "kills people"
Genes from GMOs transfer themselves into human bacteria in your mouth and gut - the cancer phenomenon continues to infect every third American
New Study Shows Monsanto's Toxic Soup 'Glyphosate' Pesticide DOUBLES Risk of Lymphoma
Sugar, salt and fat - the GMO dairy nightmare the US Government pushes on kids - and most "checkoff" money goes to fast food chains!
EU government creates "dent" in GMO ban - allowing individual countries to plant Frankenseeds - Monsanto's biotech nightmare begins in Europe
In Effort To Reduce Cross-Polination, Oregon To Digitally Map All GMO Crop Fields
Eighty four bills are currently in Congress for labeling GMOs in 29 states while FDA trying to rename GMO as "biotechnology" to fool masses
US pressures El Salvador to plant and eat cancer causing food regularly - Buy Monsanto pesticide-laden Frankenseeds or lose your $300 million in aid!
Largest world chemical companies lose battle despite Oregon GMO "pre-emption bill" manipulated by special interest powers that be - PR Watch inside look
Three years after Fukushima Nuclear Plant damage, three key scientists anticipate when Cesium 137 will reach US Coast - alarming new ocean research "drifts" this way - will all humans become genetically "modified" by nuclear radiation?
Roundup chemical pesticide doubles your risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma - are you eating GMO pest-food today? - Connection published in 2014 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Bill Clinton opened the doors of the FDA for GMO, will his estranged wife Hillary push toxic Monsanto down the throats of Americans (if elected) like Barrack Obama does now?
The world's worst toxic cocktail: GMO adjuvants, like in RoundUp herbicide (and vaccines), carry the poisons to the central nervous system - new 2014 study reveals Monsanto's sinister plan
Guilty! 550 million eggs contaminated with salmonella (CAFO GMO) and recalled 4 years ago in Iowa - farm to pay $6.8 million fine!
What do Bunge, Cargill, Continental, and Louis Dreyfus have in common? Corporate control of agriculture gone haywire! - Meet the GMO grain-trading "players club"
Rise of GMOs linked to monarch butterfly population decline
Animal lovers unite! Australian Alliance writer and community advocate blows lid off toxic practices of CAFO and GMO-fed cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys
GMO soft drinks at the root of all "political" evil? Obama's appointments get "nixed" by all 9 Supreme Court Justices as unconstitutional!
Humans part of massive GMO experiment - 10 studies reveal even babies are affected by Frankenfoods before they are even born
El Salvador Pushes Back Telling US To Stop 'Foreign Aid' Coercion As Method To Buy US' GMO Seeds
Milk, fish and dog food all have something in common - want to know what? - GMO ingredients that come from unsafe farming conditions - 4 foods to NEVER BUY in America
Controversy Rages On As Damning CMO Corn/Pesticide/Rat Tumor Study Is Republished; Big Agra Scurries
GMO/Agricultural Whistle-blower "GAG" bills issued in multiple states of US - including UT, MT, ND, KS, IA and MO - who else needs to shut up about their corporate government abusing feed animals?!
What do Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island have to do with Genetically Modified Agriculture (GMO)? Answer - The "Evisceration" of Nutrition!
Is all GMO void of nutrition? GMOs are the "walking dead" of the food industry, much like movie "Idiocracy" where in the future all humans water their crops with Gatorade
Metastatic cancer could just be your self-repair mechanisms are thrown off from consuming GMO food, pesticides, fluoride water and flu shots!
MUST READ: The Complete 113-Year History Of The World's Most Evil Company - Monsanto
Agent Orange will soon be on your food and you could die from cancer just like the soldiers who trekked through it in Vietnam - GMO news on the deadly 2, 4-D concoction
Superbug insect larvae consuming billions of dollars of GMO corn by the roots - Monsanto and Dow in big trouble!
YOU are the secret weapon of food marketing! - Find out how GMO, fluoride, heavy metal toxins and vaccines make you stupid and vulnerable to Big Food marketing tactics
GMO peas? - Mice fed GMO peas suffer immune responses like lung inflammation - Biologist David Schubert says GMO is NOT a safe option
Coca-Cola To Introduce New Green Labeled, Stevia-Sweetened Cola 'Life'; Will Still Be Fortified With GMO Sugar
Lobbyist continue to undercut state's rights to label GMO - attempt to "cut conversation off immediately" going on in Congress now
Kyrgyzstan bans every single GMO crop and seed! First country in the world to say a complete and absolute NO to cancer-causing Frankenfoods
Food & Grocer Industry Lobbyist's Sue Vermont Over Passed GMO Labeling Bill; Vermont Fights Back
"Alarmist campaign" by so called environmentalists turns out to be Biotech sales tactic to push "Daminozide" - GMO chemical that preserves apples' shelf life and color
Biotech's assault on Journalism grows new wings - GMO proponents pressuring Reuters to remove journalist who presents BOTH sides of the debate
GMO Herbicide Glyphosate Use Elimnates Milkweed, Threatens Revered Monarch Butterfly Extinction Within 100 Years
US regulators, including FDA and EPA, caution against high mercury content in swordfish, shark, and king mackerel from Gulf of Mexico - but no mention of 100 times that much mercury and GMO toxins in flu shots or vaccines
Over 80,000 Starbucks customers march on Washington DC as demonstration pushes Starbucks to carry Non-GMO milk! - GMO Inside News
DIRE: Widespread DNA/RNA Drift Contamination From GMO Plants Sweeping Earth
Dysfunctional USA supermarkets sending millions to Paleo or Primal diets for real, whole food instead of colorfully packaged, nutrient dead GMO garbage food
NAKED "infusions" organic gourmet salsa joins over 16,000 products verified by the Non-GMO Project since 2010 - but what happened to Pepsi-Co owning them? Didn't they try to help defeat the GMO labeling Act?
"No toxic effect has ever been observed for GMOs" - this is the latest bogus propaganda stated like fact by anti-organic industry sellouts
GMO field tests gone awry - a sorry attempt at defending pesticide food for the masses and a huge "dose" to go with some climate change fear-mongering
Truvia made from GMO erythritol is a powerful pesticide that kills flies in less than a week

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